“Easy Green Organic” by Anna Getty (2010)

I haven’t made time to blog in a while, but that hasn’t stopped me from buying more cookbooks in the meantime.  I recently bought this cookbook from the bargain section at the bookstore.  The binding is separating from the book, so maybe that’s why it was so cheap, but it doesn’t make a difference to me.  Its pages have a wonderful “new cookbook” smell  to them.  I never cared for “new car” smells, but new cookbooks sometimes have a very nice fragrance.

Having just had several months of morning sickness, I had not been cooking much lately, so I chose a simple recipe to ease me back into it.  “Sage Skillet Potatoes” sounded really good to me — much better than the french fries I was craving earlier in my pregnancy.  These potatoes were delicious!  My toddler insisted on helping me select the potatoes at the store; it’s almost as if there’s something magical about every time she helps me with food — every dish she’s been involved in turns out really yummy.  This recipe was super simple but very flavorful.  It’s just potatoes, sage, butter, salt and pepper.  I wish I could’ve used the sage from my garden, but the little that is left is weak and frail.  Maybe we’ll have an early spring like we did last year and I can plant some more soon. 

This cookbook has other great sounding recipes that are making me really hungry right now:  “Grilled Manchego Cheese Sandwiches with Fresh Tomato Spread”, “Thai Fish Medallions with Cucumber Relish”, “Double Lemon Chicken Breasts with Fresh Tomato Basil Salsa” (coincidentally, the author was pregnant when she was craving the dish upon which she based this recipe).

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  1. I am NOT pregnant, but I sure am craving those potatos!!!

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