Betty Crocker’s “Dinner in a Dish” (1965)

I have been slowly collecting these spiral bound Betty Crocker cookbooks for several years.  I don’t want to pay more than a few dollars for them, so this one was a great find at the $1.00 used bookstore in Burbank, CA.  As the title says, it is full of recipes for 0ne-dish meals.  I didn’t expect much out of this archaic book which conjures up images of mustard-yellow casserole dishes in a kitchen with avocado-green appliances.  I was wrong because the recipe I chose was actually quite tasty.  “Party Tuna Bake” is located under the chapter  entitled “Company Best/Connoisseur Casseroles”.  Its main ingredients are canned tuna, noodles, sour cream, bread crumbs and parmesan.  It read a little bland to me, so I used a leftover herbed parmesan mix that comes with the frozen ravioli from Costco.  This added a lot of flavor.  I also cut back on the salt called for in the recipe and I’m glad I did because it was enough. 

There are other recipes in this cookbook that I’d consider making; however, I am deciding against the following:  “Alamo Tamale Supper” — requires a 1 lb. can of beef tamales in sauce (huh?) and “Cheese-Shrimp Fondue” — a waste of good shrimp in my opinion, especially since this recipe coats them with processed cheese.

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