The Colonial Williamsburg Tavern Cookbook (2001)

I  bought this book in 2004, after spending a couple fun-filled days (fun for me anyway because I love historical reenactments) in Colonial Williamsburg, VA.  We ate lunch at one of the taverns and I enjoyed being able to taste a little history.  I’d never cooked out of this book before, but only because I never really looked through it (which is the case with many of my cookbooks).  I was pleasantly surprised at how easy some of the recipes in this book appear to be.  

I decided to make “Gingered Pumpkin Soup with Molasses Cream” because the weather’s finally starting to get chilly here in L.A.  The soup looked so easy that I also decided to make “Creamed Spinach”.  The soup recipe gave me the option of using canned pumpkin, so that was a real timesaver.  It turned out to be pretty good and similar in taste to butternut squash soup.  My daughter even liked it enough to eat some this time. 

 The garnish of the “Molasses Cream” (heavy cream and molasses whipped together) gave the soup a pleasant sweetness.  I whipped the cream manually because I only used half a cup (too little to require the use of my Kitchenaid).  It’s fun to do that once in a while — it’s like magic.  When I was in culinary school, in the beginning our instructors required us to whip cream by hand; I thought they were just torturing us at the time, but later I understood that they were teaching us that we don’t always need to rely on machines.  (That being said, I must admit that I love my mixer so much that I just upgraded to a bigger one and plan on keeping both of them in my kitchen because there are times when I wish I had two.)  

The “Creamed Spinach” was good too, but was slightly too rich for my taste because I used whole milk (like I usually do when I bake). 

Recipes I will never make in this book are:  “Fried Oyster Sandwiches”, “Planked Shad with Shad Roe”, and “Oyster and Lobster Pies”.  However, I am willing to eat these if anyone else cares to make them.  The recipes just sound too intimidating to me.

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