Betty Crocker’s Cookbook For Boys and Girls, 3rd Edition 1985

This is the first cookbook I remember buying.  I think I was eight years old.  I never really cooked much out of it, but I definitely enjoyed looking through it.  I remember making Purple Cow Shakes (frozen grape juice concentrate, milk, and vanilla ice cream)  which I thought were yummy when I was little.  I also remember attempting to make Peppermint Taffy without a candy thermometer or the understanding of how to make candy; at my young age, this recipe was a complete failure and I think I gave up cooking from this book after that.

Twenty-something years later, I chose to make the dish on the cover.  The recipe is called “No-Crust Wide-Eyed Pizzas” and they are basically just hamburger patties with tomato sauce and cheese and funny looking faces.  It was not very tasty.  My toddler didn’t even care for them.  I won’t be making these again.

Other recipes I will not make out of this cookbook are “Fish Stick Fondue” and “Polka Dot Pizzas” (cut-up hot dogs are the polka dots; not my idea of a good pizza, but maybe to a kid who loves hot dogs it is.)

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  1. It looks like you ate Mr. Bill. Its too bad it didn’t turn out but you do get an “A” for your valient effort.

  2. Mark thought so too — he said they looked familiar, but he couldn’t place it at the time.

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